Evertree's Story

In 2011, Lee Jae Kyung, founder of Evertree, came up with the idea of sterilizing the library books. The inspiration was drawn from the scene that his daughter is reading a library book while eating. When he tried to picture all the hands that the library book comes into contact with over their long life, a veritable garden of bacteria comes into his mind. Eating food with contaminated hands gives the invisible nasty little creatures an entry point to our body.

People could contract and spread disease through books with the unclean habits of moistening fingers in their mouths when turning the leaves, coughing, and so on. The revolutionary product is aimed at eliminating the disgusting inhabitants of books.

It was "to safeguard the librarians and readers' health; to lessen work for librarians; to foster good reading habits and contribute to cultivating the consciousness of cherishing books, that life may be more rewarding for people who use our products".

The mission drives Evertree to continuously make breakthroughs in this field. With ten years' dedication, we have invented various kinds of sterilizers such as air sterilizer&deodorizer, banknote sterilizer, document sterilizer.

2011 April

Lee Jae Kyung, CEO of Evertree, was the first generation to graduate with honors from the CEO training school for small and medium-sized enterprises hosted by the Korean government.

EVERTREE Korea head office was established.

Evertree Co., Ltd focuses on product development, manufacture, import, and export trade. The main products of the company are book sterilizer, air sterilizer& deodorizer, document sterilizer, banknote sterilizer, and advertising solutions.

2011 September

The company achieved a technology patent(10-1070401) on Book sterilizer and the full-blown vision begun to flourish since then.

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification.

Acquisition of the test report proving that the sterilization rate of LIVA book sterilizer can reach 99.9% in 1 minute.


First-generation of LIVA Book Sterilizer (3M OEM)was invented

2012 February

The president of Korea meets with CEO Lee, discussing the prosperous future of the Book sterilizer.


Acquire the first 99.9% Sterilizing Rate Test Report from authorized testing association --KTR

Electrical Safety Certification for Book Sterilizer (KC).

Acquisition of the production license for book sterilizer.


The second generation of Book Sterilizer(BS series) was launched.

2013 May

The company was elected as the leading enterprise among electronic trading companies in Gyeonggi-do.

Acquisition of CE and FCC Certificates for book sterilizer.

EVERTREE was certified as Small and Medium-Sized (SME) enterprise.


EVERTREE was evaluated as the Green Business Organization.

EVERTREE signed the agreement of exporting book sterilizer to China.


The third generation of Book sterilize (EBS series) was invented. Gyeonggi-do.

EVERTREE signed the agreement of exporting book sterilizer to Indonesia.

EVERTREE enlarged the investment to 125 million won.


Japan branch was established in Tokyo.

EVERTREE (head office) signed the agreement of exporting book sterilizer to Hong Kong, China.

Acquisition of the Certificate of Origin.

Relocation (Suwon Industrial Park 3)

EVERTREE (head office) signed OEM agreement for book sterilizer with NBREDS Inc. 


The fourth generation of LIVA Book Sterilizer (upgraded EBS series) was put into the market.

Establishment of the research laboratory.

2018 November

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

EVERTREE (China) was established.


EVERTREE was selected as the most promising SME in Gyeonggi Province in 2019. 

EVERTREE (China) signed an OEM agreement for LIVA Book Sterilizer.

EVERTREE (head office) was selected as technology development in Gyeonggi Province in 2019. 

LIVA Air Sterilizer & Deodorizer was released.