How to solve the problem of secondhand smoke in Casinos?

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Today smoking is a widespread habit all over the world. Not only the old, the youth, but also middle school students have been engaged in smoking. Many of them think that smoking is a smart symbol.

 However, smoking is harmful to ones ,health. It contributes a lot of lung cancer, from which many people have died in the past years. It can also cause many other diseases. In a word, if you smoke, you do have a much greater chance of losing your health. Furthermore, scientific research shows that smoking is not only harmful to smokers themselves, but also a threat to public health.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) position document states: “At present, the only means of effectively eliminating health risks associated with indoor exposure is to ban smoking activity… No other engineering approaches, including current and advanced dilution ventilation or air cleaning technologies, have demonstrated or should be relied upon to control health risks from ETS [environmental tobacco smoke] exposure in spaces where smoking occurs… Because of ASHRAE’s mission to act for the benefit of the public, it encourages elimination of smoking in the indoor environment as the optimal way to minimize ETS exposure.”12 Additionally, ASHRAE does not specify ventilation rates or procedures for smoke-filled hospitality venues.”(

  Millions of people visit casinos in the United States to try their luck against the odds by playing slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, and other gambling systems. It seems to be a lot of fun to play games for real money, and it makes you want to play, even more, making it an addiction. However, the major concern in casinos is not gambling addiction, but the aura of secondhand smoke in enclosed areas.(

     LIVA air sterilizer&deodorizer--Best choice for eliminating smoke in Casinos

  LIVA air sterilizer&deodorizer has a functional filter aimed at smoke. Most importantly, it is a complex solution to air problems in crowded places. The alluring design perfectly integrated with luxurious Casinos.

  Compared with other air purifier/sterilizer in the market, LIVA air sterilizer&deodorizer has the following advantages:

  1. Strong sterilization and deodorization: The reaction time is prolonged; 8 pieces of photocatalyst filter and 20 ea of UV-A Led releases high density of hydroxyl radicals. Sufficient chemical reaction ensures the highest sterilization and deodorization effects. Other products in the market mainly rely on filter to timely capture the pollutants, but they cannot kill the biological pollutants and cannot deal with the VOCs.  No air sterilizing product in the market has the official test report without filter. Even they are equipped with filter, they can still just decompose one or two volatile gas in the air. LIVA air sterilizer is a complex solution to all  problems in the air.


 2. Long lifespan: Titantium photocatalyst does not deteriorate and is long-lasting. 


 3. Bird singing releases people's pressure. 


 4. The LCD display (LAS 1001) can promote what users like to show to their customers.The eye-catching design will attract peoples eyesight at the first glance. 微信图片_20220228133744.jpg

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