Improvement of air quality in a gym

Release time:2021-12-08 14:01:39    


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Why is air quality important in a gym?

Is air quality really that big of an issue for a gym? You’re there to work out, not to relax. That’s true but air quality has bigger impacts than just being able to be comfortable. The gym is a place where you work hard and breathe deeper and more than anywhere else.

While working out, you breathe a lot. If the air you breathe is of lower quality than it could be, it can have negative health effects and it’s less comfortable to work out in your gym leading to 

Working out in a space will deteriorate the air quality pretty quickly.

You’re using all the oxygen, creating heat, sweating, making things dirty, etc. During one workout session, the air quality will take a significant hit. Think about when you were younger and you walk into your classroom on a hot day. The smells and heat smack you in the face.

 How to improve the air quality?

In addition to the common window ventilation, turning on a fan to accelerate indoor air circulation, air purifiers and air sterilizers are some people's choices. What benefits can LIVA air products bring to us?

LIVA air sterilizer&deodorizer products, which made by Evertree Co., Ltd. it can be widely applied to Public indoor rooms, like schools, libraries, clinics, gyms,etc. It can remove dust, kill harmful microorganisms and eliminate odors at one time.Many hospitals choose it because of its unparalleled powerful sterilizing function. In the meanwhile, it can remove the odors, which relieves people from the bad smells in crowded places.


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