Co-existing with the Covid-19, are businesses ready to welcome customers?

Release time:2021-10-13 13:39:15    



As more and more countries adopt the strategy of "coexisting with the virus", quarantine measures are no longer enforced. For merchants, on the one hand, the financial tension caused by the prolonged economic blockade will be alleviated to a certain extent. This measure is welcomed by them,The reopening of the store and attracting customers to visit is becoming more and more important; and on the other hand, they are also worried about the risks of corona-virus, especially the highly infectious delta mutant virus.

At present, LCD advertising machines on the market take advantage of their cool technology and fully integrate the latest technologies such as pictures and videos. They are becoming more and more popular in the advertising market. A lot of large shopping malls have also introduced this kind of equipment to attract attention.

In response to this situation, is there a device on the market that can simultaneously have an LCD advertising function, and can also disinfect indoor air?

The answer is yes.

LIVA air sterilizer& deodorizer:

which made by South Korea leading disinfection equipment manufacturer: Evertree Co., Ltd. After years of research, it has developed a brand new air deodorization and sterilization machine, which not only has powerful air purification and disinfection And sterilization function, in addition, it can also be used as an advertising machine. The device was launched during this Pandemic, and once it was launched, it was greatly welcomed by the market.

The common purifier/sterilizer mainly rely on filters to remove bacteria/viruses, but the

effect is very weak (even do not have any effect).LIVA air sterilizer& deodorizer adopts the sterilization module to kill the viruses and bacteria, decompose the chemical pollutants. The sterilization rate without filter is 88.53% in the first one hour (LIVA EAS 501 basic model). LIVA air sterilizer& deodorizer is the only product in the world that has the test report without filter.

Furthermore, This device is equipped with a 43-inch LCD screen, which can not only play the company's corporate promotional videos, pictures, etc., but also serve as an advertising machine, which can convey the product brand and product value from multiple angles. It can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, airports, etc.

Coexisting with covid-19 is not the solutions to all the problems, but Evertree will always safeguard the health of the public.

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