The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art successfully installed a LIVA book sterilizer

Release time:2021-09-28 10:29:17    



Recently, The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art  in South Korea successfully installed a LIVA book sterilizer. During this pandemic period, LIVA book sterilizer will protect the safety and health of the public. 

The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art  is the largest private art museum in South Korea. It is an exhibition space that showcases representative works of Korean national treasures of traditional art, modern art and world art. Museum1, designed by world-renowned architects, is a permanent exhibition hall of ancient art, exhibiting more than 120 works of ceramics and Buddhist paintings from primitive society to the Joseon period. Museum2 displays representative works of Korean modern art and the latest works of Western modern art. There is also a "Black Box" that can hold various curated exhibitions and theme stations.

This time, the Leeum Art Museum chose to cooperate with Evertree among many suppliers, not only because of its excellent product quality, but also because of its excellent appearance design. As an art place, the products used in public places have very strict design requirements: it need to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. LIVA book sterilizer produced can be perfectly adapted to the environment of the Leeum art museum.

Evertree Co., Ltd, as the manufacturer of LIVA book sterilizer, has always been committed to providing users with a good user experience, carefully designing every detail of the product, and constantly introducing high-quality products, all for the customer.

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