Application of photocatalyst technology in the air disinfection field

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Photocatalys is is an eco-friendly method of air cleaning.

Air pollution severely endangers human health and the environment and requires highly efficient and viable treatment technologies.

There are various technologies for controlling air pollutants, here are a brief introduction about the technology:

1.Activated carbons or highly porous materials is the most commonly practised method. However, the adsorbents need to be frequently replaced, the adsorption efficiency is significantly decreased under humid conditions due to the competing adsorption of water vapor, and the equilibrium adsorption capacity is significantly reduced at low concentrations of air pollutants despite the high surface area of the adsorbents.

2.Ultraviolet radiation, ionization, and nonthermal plasma decomposition, may generate ozone as a harmful by-product. Thermal-catalytic degradation is effective but energy intensive.

Biodegradation usually requires large-scale facilities, and its activity is strongly limited by environmental factors.

3.Photocatalytic Oxidation:

This is proposed as an ideal technology for air purification because it can degrade diverse air pollutants into non-toxic or less harmful forms using solar (or artificial) light under ambient conditions.

The prominent advantages of photocatalytic air purification are:

(1)no need for chemicals or external energy input except light, which is not costly when utilizing ambient light or sunlight;

(2)safe operation under ambient conditions and relatively humidity-insensitive activity;

(3)the ability to fully mineralize volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to CO2 and H2O.

 LIVA air sterilizer& deodorizer:

This product is made by Evertree Co., Ltd, which is a leading sterilization equipment manufacturer in South Korea, after 10 years  concentration, LIVA products have been successfully exported to more than 30 countries with renowned reputation. 

LIVA air sterilizer & deodorizer is highly efficient at purifying, sterilizing and removing the disgusting smell mixed in the indoor air. It is well built to eradicate the airborne pollution, allowing the room to have clean air while retaining a restful and calm atmosphere as well.

Here are some spotlights of LIVA air sterilizer& deodorizer:

1. Three high-tech filters: Eliminating dust、particles (PM2.5)and absorb odors.

2. Four sterilization modules: Medical level sanitation. LIVA air doctor can kill the disease-causing microorganisms for 6 times and deodorize the air.

3. The strengthening sterilization passage (UV-C lamp) thereafter kills any microorganisms left in the air flow.

4. The additional deodorization function creates a fresh indoor environment. (eliminate the disgusting odor)




He, F., Jeon, W. & Choi, W. Photocatalytic air purification mimicking the self-cleaning process of the atmosphere. Nat Commun 12, 2528 (2021). 

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