LIVA Book Sterilizer Showed at the 26th Beijing International Book Expo

Release time:2020-05-09 18:12:47    


The 26th Beijing International Book Expo was held in International Exhibition Center in Shunyi, China on August 21st , which attracts 2600 exhibitors from all over the world.

LIVA book sterilizer and LIVA air deodorizer& Sterilizer showed in this exhibition. The fascinating appearance and high quality draw many people’s attention. To their surprise, they find that LIVA can silently work and the super performance really impressed them. They said in high spirits, “we will no longer suffer from the anxiety resulting from reading unclean books”. The staff from library, book store, etc. claim that the book sterilizer will create a clean and comfortable reading environment for  readers, and they hope to form a long-term cooperation with EVERTREE CO.LTD.

The exhibition bridged the gap between the customer and the manufacturer. People from the book industry has provided us with invaluable suggestions, which will contribute to our future research. We will probe deep into this field and hope that we can invent more good products to improve people’s life. 

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