Finally! Studies Show The Threat of Indoor Air Pollution is Real!

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LIVA Air Sterilizer& DeodorizerSafeguard public’s health silently


Our young children enjoy playing peek-a-boo, a simple game that lets them think that we cannot see them if they hide their eyes. An innocent and harmless practice for them, denial of reality is dangerous when we do it.

Our insistence on refusing to face the facts lulls us into a sense of security that is not real. The air in our homes is more polluted than the air outside, an alarming state of affairs when we consider the harm that it can do to our health. Finding the best air purifier gives is an effective way to improve indoor air quality.


Focusing on Current Research on Air Quality


Forbes reported that air pollution is now a greater threat to health than a poor diet, and the World Health Organization estimates that it killed approximately seven million people in 2012.

Two years previously, it was ranked fourth in causes of preventable threats to health, but it has moved to the top of the list. The most recent study found that indoor air pollution is the cause of death in a little more than one half of reported deaths worldwide. The highest incidence of death occurred in Southeast Asia where indoor cooking with solid fuels creates particulates that are harmful to the lungs.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites the presence of particulate matter such as pollen, mold, bacteria, tobacco smoke, animal dander and dust mites as causes of indoor air pollution.

Health problems that can result include asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, cough, shortness of breath and malaise. Taking a look at an air purifier review provides options for cleaning the air in our homes. Our responsibility is to provide a clean environment that helps keep our families well and strong. 


Understand Your Need


Our homes serve many purposes that unavoidably contribute to indoor air pollution. Routine chores like cleaning and making home repairs add pollution to the air, and cooking emits fumes and food particles that contribute as well.

The dyes and fabrics used in carpeting and furniture affect the air quality, along with dust and other effects of the ordinary use of our homes. Prevention is not usually possible, but cleaning the air to remove harmful particulates is a viable option.

When our family members get sick or have health issues, nothing is more important than addressing the issues that cause them. The latest report from the World Health Organization confirms the significance of health risks that are related to indoor air quality. Our mission is to understand how to protect our homes from a threat that is real and to take action to prevent it.


LIVA Air Sterilizer& DeodorizerSafeguard public’s health silently

Does Air Purifier Help? To some extent, air purifier can capture some of the air particles, but leave most of the pollutants behind. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the air purifier is made to help you remove all the air pollutants. The filters adopted are not that powerful to absorb the ubiquitous pollutants invisible to us, not to mention about the pathogenic microorganisms. 


LIVA  air sterilizer & deodorizer  is highly efficient at purifying, sterilizing and removing the disgusting smell mixed in the indoor air. It is well built to eradicate the  airborne pollution, allowing the room to have clean air while retaining a restful and calm atmosphere as well.


1. Three hi-tech filters:Eliminating dustparticles PM2.5and absorb odors.

2. 4 sterilization modules: Medical level sanitation. LIVA air doctor can kill the disease-causing microorganisms for 6 times and deodorize the air.

3. The strengthening sterilization passage (UV-C lamp) thereafter kills any microorganisms left in the air flow.

4. The additional deodorization function create a fresh indoor environment. (eliminate the disgusting odor)

LIVA air doctor can help you get rid of the trouble with one treatment. The combination of filters and sterilization modules enables its highly efficiency at removing the harmful elements hidden in the air we breathe.            

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