• Create a comfortable reading environment

    Cultivate readers' consciousness of cherishing borrowed books
  • Tailored for people with refined taste

    Pioneering in manufacturing high-end products

About Us

Founded in 2011, Evertree Co.,Ltd is committed to deliver a safe and comfortable environment for people. The name Evertree, meaning “vigorous vitality”, represents that the company will withstand the test of time and keep continuous development like the evergreen tree.
People spend vast majority of their time on working and reading everyday. The indoor air and circulating papers-can serve as the reserviors of multiple bacteria,which are being transferred from person to person. Evertree aims to safeguard people’s health by improving the indoor air quality and cutting off the transmission routes of pathogens.
We specialize in the research, design, manufacturing, and marketing of sterilizers for indoor air and circulating papers. We’ve been pioneers, innovators, and future-makers for over 10 years. Answers to specific questions are always available and the company is always ready to listen to challenges.
  • Ten years of dedication
    on sterilizing industry
  • First rate technical team
  • Complete service system

Are library books clean?

Don't worry. LIVA book sterilizer will help you eliminate the inhabitants on books

Why do we have to sterilize the books?

Library books are likely to act as carriers, which will pose threats to readers.

Book sterilizer

The sterilization rate of LIVA book sterilizer can reach 99.9% in 30 seconds. It is made to sterilize the books and paper documents for schools (including kindergarten), public libraries,hospitals, and governments.
  • Professional R&D,design and production teams;
  • Scientific design to ensure all-round disinfection;
  • Extended lifespan of the UV-C lamp(15000 times on/off);
  • Running noise below 50dB;
  • Showing replacement notification & Current status;
  • 100% environmentally friendly Aluminium;
  • Wide voltage range;
  • Convenient operation

LIVA air sterilizer & deodorizer

Combine the function of purification, sterilization and deodorization together

LIVA air sterilizer & deodorizer

3 high-efficient filters :Removing particles (PM2.5), harmful chemicals, unbearable ordors, etc.;Four sterilization modules (UV-A led 20 ea, TiO2 8 ea): Disinfecting and deodorizing the air flow for up to 6 times; UV-C lamps: Enhancing the sterilizing effects, and the pathogenic microorganisms cannot escape from this path


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