Introduction about LIVA book sterilizer/sanitizer machine

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In this article, you will find what is a book sterilizer? And how LIVA book sterilizer works.

LIVA book sterilizer /sanitizer is a combination of two rooms. The upper sanitizing room and the bottom machine room. The case of the book sanitizer is made of 100% environmentally friendly aluminum, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, smooth and beautiful surface, at the same time can achieve the secondary radiation of ultraviolet rays, enhance the sterilization effect.

Users can watch the whole sanitizing process through the Safe Anti-UV tempered glass doors.


There are 5 specific models of LIVA book sterilizer available for sale: LIVA EBS301, LIVA LBS301, LIVA EBS401, LIVA EBS601 and LIVA LBS601.

( Note: EBS stands for economic book sterilizer while LBS stands for luxury book sterilizer; the LBS series has a 9.7 inch led display while EBS serials do not have. 301 means maximum 3 books can  With 10 groups of UV-C lamps (601 series) and the aluminum secondary-reflection for a safe 360-degree book sanitizing.

There are dust filters and odor removal device (optional ) installed in the machine room. Using fans to gently blow the bottom of the book, which it increases the sterilization effect of the inside of the book, and can also shake off the dust.

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How to operate the book sterilizer machine?

1.Open the door of the upper sanitizing room, it has 3-6 bookshelves, put the books on the semi-automatic book shelves
2. Close the door
3. Press the start button .
4. Wait for 1 minute, open the door and take the books out

During the sterilization process,once the cabinet door is opened, the UV-C lamps will stop working ntelligentl to avoid ultraviolet radiation.

Reminder: No wet materials can be put in the book sterilizer for sterilization.

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